RCAt Coffee Culture, we serve rustic food close to the heart.

The appeal of traditional kaya and butter toast, buns, bread, traditional half-boiled eggs and beverages like brewed coffee and tea can be seen today even decades after it was first introduced and made a staple of what people ate for breakfast. From the young to the old, children to their elderly grandparents, they all consume it with gusto.

Light on the stomach and yet filling, our food served piping hot guarantees to hit the spot. If you choose to get our traditionally brewed coffee and tea, you will be pleasantly surprised by the rich and fragrant aroma that will hit your nostrils as soon as it’s set in front of you. Carefully brewed with just the right amount of ingredients, you can feel assured knowing that your coffee or tea fix for the day will be filled.

Don’t fancy a hot drink? We also serve homemade barley that will bring to you childhood nostalgia and our homemade ice lemon tea that will whet your appetite with its tart and sweet taste.

Thick and crispy, our toasted bread promises to fill your mouth with a sinfully generous amount of spread which you can choose from 4 different choices, whichever suits your preference.

To all lovers of eating bread without the crust, enjoy our juicy tuna sandwich sans crust, just like how your old school tuck shop auntie used to make it.

Bite into our traditional kaya and butter toast, and you will experience the spreads oozing into your mouth that will explode into a delightful blend and balance of taste.SCCIB

Timing is of the essence if you choose to order our half-boiled eggs. We recommend 4 minutes at maximum of waiting while it’s submerged in the boiling hot water unless, of course, you want to end up with a fully boiled egg.

If in the morning, you feel ravenous or think that you won’t be satisfied with ordering just one item off our menu, you may want to consider getting the coffee, eggs and toast set instead. The delectable combination ensures that you will start your day off with a happy and sufficiently filled stomach without stuffing or starving yourself.

Still haven’t had enough? End your meal with a classic dessert, the revered chocolate ice-cream sandwich that children will love (and will probably win you more brownie points if you buy it for them), that serves as respite to the hot weather of sunny Singapore.

It doesn’t get any more traditionally delectable than this. Eat, and you will see.