coffeeFor centuries, people have been drinking coffee for its rich aromatic taste and stimulating effect. Although coffee was once considered unhealthy, new research studies have shown coffee to have powerful health benefits.

The coffee plant has fruits called berries. The seeds inside these berries are called coffee beans. After harvesting and roasting, these coffee beans are then brewed with hot water into a beverage drink known as coffee.

We at Coffee Culture, strive to serve the best blends of premium traditional coffee for our customers’ enjoyment. Additionally, we also serve tea, homemade barley and homemade iced lemonade. We are also famous for our special traditional kaya butter toasts, in various flavours.

We serve many kinds of coffee and tea, namely coffee with milk, coffee without milk, tea with milk, and tea without milk. We also sell plain coffee and plain tea (without both milk and sugar).

Most of our regular customers patronize our cafe because we have been able to serve their beverage drinks based on their individual taste and preference of sugar and coffee or tea concentration.

Whether it is breakfast, tea-break time or just for a light snack, drop in to our cafe for a cup of hot coffee or tea. Try out our kaya toast, chocolate ice-cream sandwich or XO cooled durian sandwich!

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